TBNC dgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek Large Scale Environmental Planning Exhibit, Pala Creek, California USA

Large Scale Project Entitlement, Very Rich Oak Riparian Habitat Enhancement & Site Development Program


Architectural Festivation


Incorporating a program theme, character, personality, romance and "sense of space". The TBNC Collaborative, celebrates Architectural Festivation™  in the envisioning, designing, engineering, and construction of new or "refreshed" realty associated facilities -- thus, generating a sense of excitement, marketability and special purpose.


TNMC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Milda's Family Album Volume I, Large Scale Land Planning & Development. Pala Creek, California USA

Milda & Pete's Family Album

Please Excuse the Slow Download.   These Are Really Old Photographs


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Milda & Pete Enjoying the "Fruits" of Labor at Pala Creek, California USA

Milda & Pete Enjoying The "Gems of Their Labor"
A Spot of Tea and Some Lovely Music, Too


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Milda's Family Portriat in Missouri, The Reverend is there too, Pala, California USA
Milda In Photograph Center, in Typical White
The Earlier Years In Missouri

Second Cousin Merle  ·  Sister Blanche                Brother Nathaniel [Junior]
Brother Caleb ·  First Cousin Francis Ann                     Cousin Agnes Jean  ·  Friend Ruby Mae
Far Right in Photograph    The Good Reverend Jedadiah Luke Johnson III



TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Little Esther, GOD Bless her Soul, the Winter of '08, Loved at Pala Creek, USA
Milda With Little Esther
Winter of  '71

The Following Spring Little Esther Was Taken by The Croup
This Little Angel is Now at Rest with Her LORD 


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Ruby Mae Ostergaard and Her Big Hair at Pala Creek, USA
RubyMae Ostergaard
Milda's Very Best Friend Forever [VBFF] 
[RubyMae Always Enjoyed Big Hair]


As construction of the main house was nearing completion, Milda and J. Peter made their home available to the now down-and-out Ostergaard family recently of Minnesota. They had fallen on hard times.

Mr. Ostergaard, the founder and chairman of the Acme Buggy Whip & Curry Comb Company, [home office Mendota Heights], had experienced his national market share of "Class A-1" buggy whips collapse from 64% to practically non-existent as the new fangled horseless carriages began to proliferate the countryside. Mrs. RubyMae Ostergaard was a childhood friend of Milda's.

The Ostergaards and their brood of nine children brought immeasurable life, purpose, and joy to the newly constructed Queen Anne Manse on the hill.

As the children grew, they one-by-one went off to the best secondary schools and then on to lead productive lives as a pharmacist, a middle manager, a freight dispatcher, a farrier, and a school teacher. Sadly, two of the children, those with emotional problems throughout their youth, became attorneys.


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, The Ostergaard Children with Blaze the Pet Dog at Milda's Manse at Pala Creek, USA
Some of the Young Ostergaards
With Their Pet Dog Blaze




TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Pete's Sad Sack Missouri Farmland Experience Records. Now at Home at Pala Creek, USA

Pete's Ol' Sad-Sack Homestead Left Behind in Missouri Territory


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Recordings of Pete's Sad-Sack Missouri farmland Experience, Now at Home at Pala Creek, California USA

Pete in His Struggle as a Poor, Dry-Crop Farmer Back in Missouri Territory


Ol' Pete was a dreamer....a six-foot three and one-half inch beef and cornfed dreamer.

After years of sun-baked dry crop farming in the less than blessed lands of Missouri, Pete packed-up his belongings, his best mule, his dog, and his dreams and went prospecting in the gem-rich mountains of Southern California sometime around '62 [1862].


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Jesse, pete's Best Mule that came to Pala Creek. A Good Mule.

Pete's Best Mule

Arnold, The Lad in the Picture is Believed to be the Brother of  Col. Thaddeus William Anderson, Famous Hero of WW  I .


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek. Lucky Duex, the Prodigy and Pete's Buddy at Pala Creek, USA
Lucky Deux

Progeny of "Lucky", The Three-Legged Houn' Dog

Always his companion, "Lucky" the three-legged hound dog (he was named "Lucky" even before his ill-conceived attempt at "catching" the Butterfield Stagecoach), would grieve at the struggle his master endured. "These was hard times".

Year after year Pete would toil from sunrise to sunset, digging with his weathered and worn pick ax and his quickly exhausted shovels in those unforgiving, granite-laden mountains, always driven by the dream that one day he would strike the mother lode. Someday he could sit back and count the gems of his labor.



TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Pete's Tent Camping and Worklife Facility, Pala Creek, California USA
Hard Times at Pala Creek
But Lucky Was There [Chewin' on a Lizard]






Success With The Discovery of The Tourmaline Bounty

Early Business History 
Delivery Fleet

TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Pete's Wood Panel Deivery Fleet Flagship, Business Success on Wheels at Pala Creek, USA
J. Peter

Good Tourmaline at Good Prices
Pala   ·   Chicago  ·   Paris   ·   Frankfurt
Other Little Railroad Communiti


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, The Arrival of The Stagecoach Express with Importanat Pala Creek Supplies
TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Fresh Supplies including Ammunition and Explosives. Main Store at the River, Pala Creek, USA
TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Some of Pete's Middle Managers, Presbyterians all at Pala Creek, USA

Stage Coach Coming Into Pala Creek
Tuesday Morning Mail Service

Delivery of Fresh Horses, Vegetables, Whiskey, Ammunitions & Explosives

Some of Pete's Middle Managers
Republicans & Presbyterians Preferred


Upon discovery of his mother lode, Pete began his business formation in earnest, with in-ground assets estimated in the low "eight figures" [1890 U.S.Dlls].

Now established as J. Peter, Gemologist, (his friends would now call him Jon Pierre) he initiated a search for a cadre of bright business minds to serve as upper and middle managers, with a continuing emphasis on customer care and service. A business plan was formulated with tourmaline interests being primary, lending and drayage secondary, and entertainment, lodging and hospitality, and viticulture being tertiary.

Strategic alliances were formed. A stable work force (Protestants and Republicans being favored) was imported from the grain belt of America.

J. Peter grew his business on service, honesty and integrity, courtesy, attention to detail, and a "money back" guarantee.

The tourmaline and companion tourmaline merchandise of J. Peter, Gemologist found it's way onto the shelves of all America and to more than forty foreign countries, not counting Texas and the Indian Nations.



TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Relaxing after a long day of Bidniz, Pala Creek, USA
Relaxing After a Busy Day of   Bid'nizz



TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Minng Inspectors in Suits, Oh Well, Whatever, Pala creek, California USA
TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Mining Crew Six Appreciation Brunch, Pala Creek, California USA

The "Suits" Arrive Unannounced
Federal Mining Inspectors at Elevator Station # 44

Mining Crew Six Enjoying the Appreciation Brunch
Held Semi-Annually, with Plaques & Certificates





TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, NAESCOS, Tribal Community Leaders and Planners, Pala Creek, California USA
Membership Committee
The Native American's Environmental Studies & Consultancy Society


Each Fall-Season of the year, Pete would sponsor a seminar, and socio-economically supportive conference featuring dignitaries and other leaders of the Native American Environmental Studis & Consultancy Community. A good time would be had by all.......





TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, Pete at the Local Gardenshoppe Acquiring Catalpas and Lilacs in his Ranch truck at Pala Creek, USA
Pete in Town at the Garden Centre
Purchasing a Catalpa, Some Wisteria and Two Lilacs



Some of Pete's Farming Friends Also Finding Success



Pete's Ol' Farmin' Friend From Bloomington, Illinois

TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek. Pete's Friend George M. The Insurance man from Bloomington. Vists sometimes to Pala Creek, USA
George J. Mecherle

TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek. Pete's Insurance Agent and Friend George M. from Bloomington. Visits Sometimes to Pala Creek, USA

At age 22,  George J. Mecherle [pronounced Ma-herl] started farming his own land near Bloomington, Illinois. 

In 1901 he married Edith Mae Perry who joined him on his farm. Within a few years, he was one of the leading farmers in the area.

He was truly "outstanding in his field".

After they had farmed 20 years, Mrs. Mecherle's health began to fail [she was just plain tuckered-out] and the couple decided to move to Bloomington.  And Mr.  Mecherle's mules was worn out too.

Unable to sit still, George Mecherle accepted a job selling insurance for a small company. He was successful as a salesman, but he didn't feel the rates or the business practices of the company suited the needs of farmers.

When he suggested a better way to sell insurance, his employer laughed and said,

"If you think you've got such a good idea, why don't you start your own company?" 

So he did just that.

Mr. Mecherle believed that farmers should pay less for insurance because they drove less and had fewer losses than them "slickers"  living in the cities.  In 1922, using this idea, he started a mutual insurance company;

TBNC Edgemon Recreational Resort Milda Town @ Pala Creek, an Awesome Recreational Community Environmentla Planning Programs San Diego, California USA Edgemon


State Farm Fire & Casualty Company

This little company is still in business today, and has a real nice office in Bloomington with some secretaries, some potted plants, and lots of fresh,  complimentary coffee.

Stop-in and visit some time, and tell them that Ol' Grubstake Pete sent ya.........




Success With The New Recreational Vehicle [RV] Park

TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek, USA. Early Photographic Records RV Park Guest with Families at Pala Creek, USA

Some of the Milda's First "Recreational Vehicle" Guests 
A Safe and Secure Family Oriented "RV" Parkland


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek. Milda's RV Parke Site and Security Officer with Sidearm, Pala Creek, California USA
Years later Milda's Best Security Guard moved
to Hollywood, California 

Milda Town's Early Security Service
" Assuring a Safe Family Campground Experience® "


Milda Town @ Pala Creek's Premier Recreational Park [MT@PCPRVP] is committed to protecting your persons and privacy and developing site-security  technology that provides you the most rewarding and safe campground experience.

This Statement of MT@PCPRVP Parkland Security applies to all guests anf registered visitors, within and surrounding The MT@PCPRVP Parklands environs.


Your Registration and Site Visitation represents your consent to the practices described in this statement.





Milda's Queen Anne Victorian Manse


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek. Milda's Victorian Manse Formal Ding Room, Ready for Guests and Friends at Pala Creek, USA

Milda Enjoyed Hosting Formal Dinners 

Home fellowship was shared in the Queen Anne twice weekly. And, the "Assemblies" regional planning conference and pot-luck picnic was held on the expansive terrace overlooking Pala Creek and in overview of the Palomar Mountain Range several times each year.


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek. Milda's Victorian Manse Neighbors Coming to Dinner at Pala Creek, California USA

Milda's Neighbors Coming to Dinner



TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek. Chief Lightning Cloud at Dinner at Milda's Victorian Manse. The Chief Enjoyed Several Fingers of Maker's Mark.
TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek. The Cloud Family at Dinner, Milda's Victorian Manse, Pala Creek, California USA

Chief Lightning Cloud 

The Cloud Family 


It is apparent by the photographs, the Clouds enjoyed the  fresh salmon salad with asparagus tips, vine-ripe tomatoes, a hint a basil, a hint of dill, and profusely glazed with morbier and chevres goat cheese [a favorite of Milda's]

Also at repast, Gheimeh and Amerdeen Ramekin, festive with a garlic and red onion curry creme, a melody of a varied selection of olives,  a Cioppino "to-die-for", and several fingers of Maker's Mark® .


TBNC Edgemon Milda Town at Pala Creek. The Little Non-Denominational Chapel at Pala Creek, Sometimes Used by the Assemblies, USA

The Little Non-Denominational Chapel & Sunday School
Down Pala Creek
at the San Luis Rey River



A Note From The Author

A photograph history of Milda and Pete, the Grubstake Miner, is challenging as much of the written, photographic, memorabilia and other Missouri possessions  was lost during the tornados of '79  [also sadly, the lives of nine of their neighbors].

However, as more becomes known of this storied couple, we will promptly publish the exciting discoveries.


Thank You For Your Visit


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